Welcome to PetWorks Labs!

PetWorks labs is a one-stop, cloud-based, FREE (yes, free as in zero dollars) solution for managing your pet service business. Stop paying for multiple, expensive tools that do not work. Experience the difference now!

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These are all the features you get, when you open an account with us!

Custom Website

A customizable, mobile-friendly, customer-facing website

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Customer management

A robust CRM (client relationship management) system designed for the pet services industry

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Employee management

Onboard new employees, manage existing employees, their schedules and more from one portal

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Manage pet and employee schedules from one portal

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Create invoices and allow your customers to pay online with a credit card. PWL also integrates with your Quickbooks account!

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We are offering the entire product, no strings attached, for FREE for the forseeable future.

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If you have more questions or just want to get in touch with us, feel free to drop us a note at info@petworkslabs.com. Alternatively, you can post your question in our support forum as well. Please bear in mind that the forum website uses a separate username and password, which you can sign-up for free on the forum home page.